Thursday, August 27, 2009

ghost of a second ........GOALIE

Its prep time.....and they all up tryna meet up.everyone running around and doubling up.Stressed out buh cant complain,out there trying to impress....the best gets a chance after the weeks hard work.The second goalie is about the best but deep down he knows his got no chance at the big day.He just keeps trying hoping he gets the big break some day...he gets encouraged by his trainee not to give up.This keeps him going buh deep down he still knows his got no hope.

Its the big day and everyone is optimistic and ready fo the action.Coach gives his words and everyone listens carefully.The second goalie is hoping he gets on the starting teams list buh na his just a second fiddle as usual.He changes into his all black strip like an old school boy,puts on his gloves(he never gets to use it) and heads down the tunnel.The fans are cheering and the game gets on...the second goalie his just a spectator throghout the game.The team does well,he doesnt get any praise because his got no contribution.The team does badly the teams gets a collective nagging and he shares part of it.
Its another game day and he doesnt still get on the list...but wait something different is gonna happen.The games on and the crowd are cheering....the opposing team has a better swagga and they seem to be in control.The home crowds silent and the pressure is mounting.The second goalie's not interested and decides to take a quick nap.The whistle goes after a quarter into the game...the first goalie is sent off and the second fiddle is called upon.He has bin dreaming of how he got the big chance.He gets on the pitch and this is the ultimate test(A SPOTKICK)......There stood a goalpost gapin wide nd in between his the second goalie.The fans got no hope buh to there dismay he does the impossible.Its halftime and he thinks his still sleeping.They back on the pitch and the fans are stunned....its all level and its about the last kick of the game.Its a corner and the trainee tells him to go have a nod.He gets on the end of the ball and the ball strolls into the net.Its the final whistle and the fans are chanting the second goalies name.
Many ppl ar probably second goalies waiting for a chance to blow.Never give up,ur gonna get your break soon.Keep the hustle on.....I wrote this for those guys who go through all the degrees and dont get a job.i just went about it in a different way.HONOUR DUTY COURAGE SACRIFICE.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sequel to...................................REQUEST

Have bin wondering y they just open their mouths nd say all this things.i neva get answers.....proly because the stuffs are just dumb and they wanna let out or they were never meant to be.BUH am sorry its just not right or rather its way out off line.i dont do girls,doesnt necessarily mean i dunno like any girl ...obviously i do.maybe cos i only like one girl in the world and she broke me into pieces buh i still like her nd no other girl.buh for fear of her doin same thing over again.i keep the secret to myself and tell evryone i dont do girls.
Dont u think u should date me cos your mom likes me nd am a potential wifey(i swear this girls a fool,i neva think of marriage(maybe 2017) nd i dont date ppll.i only dated once nd i dont think its cool for me...reason's that am too emotional nd i demand for too much.nd i neva forget a dates error,so am proly gonna bore u out reminding u off all the evil uv done.ok i dont talk to the girl dat said this anymore (no too cool for that).buh shes just plain stupid.
Lets play a love game.....guess i asked for it buh what rubbish.shes like 4 years older nd am in her world(in her mind).shes a nympho buh too bad my philosophy's against sexing am a sexist.... lmao .y would u wanna give yourself cheap .kkk she didnt say get me high.buh she implied it.i swear this girls really cool buh shes livin the life of a Looser.or maybe she didnt want to come out cheap so she had a price tag(a shoe).sigh......googoogaga.
dis not bout not sure,i think just a child in a bigger way.peace...........

Wait a sec........SHE'S JUST A SEC

Its bin like forever buh its so good to be bac.Av bin on many p's and am just tryna get maself sorted.So am done wit all my little problems. Switchin to a nu school is as hard as switchin i officially switched lanes na (reasons....... MY BUSINESS).
So i did wit the help of one stupid organization nd trust me i had lots of problem wit them.Everytin av ever done in this world gets done by ppll around me me(ma mum nd big brother mostly)...i really hate goin to office desk,just to ask some stupid questions they feel u should know. Buh this time av bin on my own.Av had to face my problems myself.....non more mamas child,sillybaby's all grown am ther first time...nd i ask this secretary the obvious.nd shes like DO WE DO ANYOTHER THING am sayin in my mind BITCH,pls dont be like other am on nd on wit my q's.Nd she gives me dis long list of things to bring(dis means i av to visit several other places nd face other secretaries).anyways thank God i had most of the things she asked me to bring,except one.So am up early the next mornin nd prayin i dont meet another irritant,so am wher i need to get what the first secretary asked me to ........thank God shes all smily buh i couldnt be too i tell her what i need to get.nd she gives me this long takin my time fillin the form nd she tells me my wristwatch matches my i ask her what that meant buh she couldnt come up wit a sensible answer.i av this fake smile on my face nd gave her the form.she reads it nd gave me wat i wanted.
So am on my way bac to the other sec.i gave her all what she asked nd she was still actin up.She tells me am fakin my age that am way younger.truly my speculations were right.... SHES A really tryna keep my cool buh shes just a mess.So we up on each others throat nd trust me shes really actin weird(maybe i had offended her before or shes just hatin for no reason).so am really pissed nd am i need to bring my cert. to proove am 17 i rush home nd back(the person drivin me is getin pissed at me too).i face my fears again nd now she tells me they are closed that i need to come the next day........hate,curse,punch,slap,kick,hit(all this were runnin through my mind).y on earth would i do any of those.
hisSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssss i never went bac,sombody did the rest of the thing i needed to do for me.i pray i neva see her again.som ppl ar just too weird to be true.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

hey,shut your trap....................BEAUTY dies

I just woke up this morning feelin its a necessity to do somtin productive......then i start doin the kidy tiny thoughts thingy(i mean am putin a finger at the side of my head ).Remembering ppl who just feel they too preety brings this little piece to my mind.....just the other day my silly friend said she could neva get ugly(i dunno how true that is).Not throwing shots at anyone....

One does not own beauty.
In their dreams,
They feel they can obtain it,

All alone, in a dark night,

All their thoughts.....lifeless

Cursed by change,
Hidden by lies,
Running from the truth,
Beauty now dies.

They don't understand,
They don't really care,
Beauty now burns,
Smoke's in the air,
Years go by,
And age sets in,
Beauty's worn out,
Life is giving in.

Death creeps up,
Beauty now cries,
Your all alone,
In your beautiful lies!'s from God.ya'll should pray today.dats wat am doin right now.