Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sugar bum

ur my honeyyum sugarbumm
cookie yummy pumpkin
ur my sweetypie
ur my honeycake gumdrop
d apple of my eye
and i love u so
n i want u to know
that ill always be rite ere
and i luv to sing
this song to u
becos U ARE SO DEAR!!!
love u babyyy.mwahhh!
:one of ma very special friends sent me this.its kinda funny buh i really like it....i have ma version of this song though.21mmi5.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Elergy to ATL Kunbi

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........a moment of silence.I wander in search of him in my dreams.My heart was troubled and wondering if this is true.I thought it was a joke until i tried calling you some weeks after and i remembered you were gone,i laughed then i felt terribly sad.Then it hit me that i lost a friend...one dats so friendly.I hold my tears and my body feels unsafe in fears.The scenes from when you were buried reminded me of your brothers bravery and the tears of ur sister.Her words said it all and mourns from everywhere made me cold.Deaths so cruel,just after your eighteenth birthday.I dont think i can ever get over this.......anybody could die.As we walk into the cemetry,i stare at the plaques and they were mostly aged.I just feel you were too young to go...its so heartbreaking.You had your goals and death cut it short.I hope and pray God puts you in a better place.....i know God has reasons for everything.REST IN PEACE ATL Kunbi.
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the GERIAN mind

we gotta go mehn....quit sleeping.another typical morning.i hate that our paths are similar and we have to ride together but anyways you doing more good than harm.am just an ungrateful lazy school boy.
i wonder through its every route turning my neck side to side.i hear laughter roar and tears flowing and hidden signs that i decode.i see signs of failure and woe.poor me....this is just the begginin of the long journey and am already moody and feeling sorry.
in every smile of every man and female's noble call....every view of every clan,the passion they show says it all.much awaited style of life is captured and invokes fear.Everyone's just roaming about with much regret...seriously if they could weep,their eyes will get wet.a Nigerian mind...peace out

Outta tune?

I really want everything to go my way......like am tired of this all.My adventures of yesterday and the natures i nurtured for years......they all lasted until today.
all the bulls..t chase of chick and praise showering shadowed by lust........all this are just phases of my phoney past.
am not outta tune nor was i grounded to a halt.i would rather be me on a level legline than the paris of troy that seeked the rage of archilles.Its bin good and whole lot of fun but then i think am tired.empty collage describes my frame of mind.peace out......little means more(dunno if dats true)