Thursday, December 16, 2010

blame it on my playlist...

fuuuuuuuuck.... music took over my life. The urge to blog is totally dead. Ad be back soon though cosa got loads to pour out. TILL THEN...... BRAAAAAAP!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Des Cartes,Kant,comte............BS

Wonderin? i guess yes.bin on dis for months and its bin total BS.yea lyk ery1 likes to read(ooopps!!! i just heard a no......sorry i taught so).
So av bin reading about bunch of dead men(i got loads of respect for them though).they believd in this ENLIGHTENMENT thingy.emmmm it sorta like a movement kinda thing,it championed the power of human reasonin.nt reali sure how to put it buh its like the right of ery1(individuals) and a commitment to social progress.these guys proly taught they were throwin light into the gloom of a world that had been dominated by tradition,superstition,irrationality,religion and stufs.They blived in the power of the rationality of human mind to understand the world.
Enuf said.....i think science was the epitome of rationality cos it produced knowledge of d world that wasnt conditioned by superstitions nd al dat.They had confidence that humans wuld use the knowledge they had to transform the world for the better buh scientific knowledge wud giv ppl more power and control ova nature nd dis wud prolly be used to improve life.
so av had to learn all these junk nd i pray to God i dont flunk.i got loads of books pilled on ma ma parents i did ma knees are deep in papers and i got loads of expectations.who do i look up to? i look up to out yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Bin starin at the keys all day(for a yle......das wah i mean). am  in a rily dark place and all i can see is me.I taught i could do this wit eryone buh am all alone,the only one here wit me is the sound of the keys.i realy should have said NO cos eryone doesnt play fair.Now am gasping for air like have bin runnin all day......lyk i rily need to save me from maself.I cant take this anymore,erytime i try to get a hold i just feel its slipin away,its hurts really bad.I just pray it doesnt shatter cos its begginin to crack up.Am never gonna bow ma head in sadness,i would just keep my head up high  hoping somtin good comes outta it.Sometimes everyrthing just feels like the wrong thing to do and it just keeps slippin away like a fading memory.I cant explain this at all,i just keep breaking and i rily wanna take you apart.This feels  right buh its so wrong cos its an unfair war.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  :i would let the lights go,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.peace out.

my deep HEART.............bin gone for too long

Huge sigh......bin like forever tot i wud never do this again.Not like i have not attempted to return buh i cant even begin to understand.dunno why i waited until the last inning,i finally got thirsty nd i feel like havin a pool of water.It was a strange feeling buh i tot i was outta stock,taught they were ghost dwellin there was a dark forest...... dark and deep.buh mehn here is wher ma heart lurks.there are some weird and odd looking people around here,they often cry and somtimes randomly lost .Ma taughts are small(shallow ohhh) and somtimes freakin big(deep),they somtimes are somthing you could neva dream.And somtimes they are like strange versions of me or even you(could be anyone).they somtimes are harmless nd othertimes they haunt ma dreams.ery of ma taughts has its own schemes nd personality(does that make sense? iono).i often taught ma degrees had bin flunked out or ma class was wel ova.buh no......i got it all ova d wall.                                                                                                               ma soul dwells deep,no wonder ma mind keeps yellin(this is nt me........bin away for so long).                                                                                                                                                                                   :aquaria,bee,gaga doll (tongues out!!!!!!!!)