Tuesday, December 1, 2009

they so fake

Hey,this is real serious.I really dont know who is for real......we really gotta to be careful about the ppl we call friends.They so many people who shows up in your face and act as friends,many of them just need you for a purpose.Words are said over the phone and are so easy to type buh friendship is a two way thing.Its deceit or the truth.
it happens all the time you meet ppl who seem so perfect.the ones that seem to be there all the time.they stick up there asses and would be there all the time (these people are friends right?).................or so they say.
its just a matter of time you find out they fake.they stick you up for your paper or what you have got to offer.they spread lies about you and say shitty things about you.they backstab nd try to bring you down.Then they try to turn some other mofos against you,those mutual friends that believe their lies are just more fake friends(loosers).these guys are no friends,they are people with boring lives.we living in a cruel world,apparently some ppl are real while some are fake.i guess we may never know who the true friends are
:once a friend always a friend(huge lie)............got so many kid brains in matured bodies.....sigh....peace out.

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