Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Becks.......................PART TIME YANK

Really...notins bin happenin.Have just bin on code sleep,eat,fifa09(am too old for it,i know),internet and more sleep.I decided to take a break on monday,cos av bin in my room for quite a while doin my normal randy stufs.Then i try to see wats on tv,and am like wtf.......this guy as lost his cool.A replay video of a soccer match that took place some days back.........this guy isranting at his angry boo-ing fans.I tell myself wat has come ova Becks and his followers. Am a David beckams fan..............the paparazzi,loads of cash,tv adds,fashion,never ceasing hairstyles and all that (common..who wouldnt want to be like him).this guy makes lots of money just for chasing a round leather ball for ninety minutes.moving from one big club to another(real madrid and manchester).And the guy is the most popular soccer player.ok....enuf of all this stale jist,cos proly eryone knows.Becks makes so much money nd starts feeling like the new messiah.He leaves europe and heads for america where MLB,NBA,MLB were the major sports.he arrives in the MLS and he promises the press heaven and hell(boasting he his gonna make soccer a popular sport in america)..................
Fine,most games wher sold out cos all the hot chics,gay guys wanted to hav a feel of him so they went in numbers to cheer becks.even grannies went to the games to see becks before they die(is this true?..lmao) nways he scores couple of signature freekicks,sells millions of soccer jerseys for galaxy,victoria gets more attention from the paparazzi,fashion shows nd more hairstyles buh doesnt really hav impact on how the game was viewed.Bball,american football,baseball still got all the ish.then he tries to run away from america after takin ther millions,he gets a loan deal to italy and doesnt want to come back.Stays in italy for a little longer....misses half of the season in mls(meanwhile his still gonna get paid).He gets back nd the fans are angry at him on his first game.He feels insulted..and takes the fight to the fans at half time.One of the fans rants at him and he tells him to come.Trust all this gangsters...the guy walks down and beckam tries to jump over the advert board.then the stewards and few players(am sure most of the players ar beefin on him) holds him back nd he walks unconcerned into the dressing room.
Emmmm,what am i tryin to peg on...........beckams a fraudster who needs to be probed by an american EFCC (am sure they hav one).He takes ther millions and tries to dump them cos he feels the soccer in america is not competitive nd all.They shoulda proly given him a boxing bout with the angry fan......nd lets see wat happens.Whats he teachin his son who was watchin from the stance or his wife(dont really like her though) nd i pity Tom cruise(controversial couch jumper) who went to see the game........all this celebs just think they can eat their cakes nd have it.Enuf of all the Beckam ish.....................i know most of you reading ar like whats the fools business wit becks nd all.Buh boy just speakin dem mind.