Sunday, July 19, 2009

If it wasnt for them

Emmm,this had bin a long time coming.nd i felt i just had to blog this thingy in appreciation to my friends i think i owe a lot (thanks to John wu introduced me to blogger).If it wasnt for them i dunno want woulda happened to me or wat i woulda turn out to be due to my failure.
I was moms favourite(she liked my sista too) in high school with all the brains and stuffs.Was really studious nd all nd only wanted notin buh to study nd outshine the other guys in class.It was really loads of competion nd i was always a major competitor,buh i always enjoyed it though.Holidays wer sad times cos ther was nobody to compete wit nd we wer(all the other brainy guys) looked forward for resumption).This went on nd on,nd life couldnt av bin more pleasurable.The world seemed like a lovely place to be in cos everytin was just right for me(my parents wer not talking bout my edu life).High school life was just interesting (dats all av bin tryin to narrate).Got admission into uni through dip.Dis was when all my problems started, realy loved marine stufs(yh my dad was into marine too).Medicine was wat i was doin in dip nd i really did messed wasnt cos i lost my was just because i got into a group of bad friends who only saw the fun part of life nd never talked about serious stufs.Didnt even know why i was doing medicine.............Reading was not just d inn thing nd i had to do the dip proggrame again.
If it wasnt for these guys would have bin with the pain of failure and rejections by those who couldnt believe wat i had turned out to be.Lemme start wit Shxxx...........this guys just like me buh he was really there for me when i needed him the most.Told me to move on nd dat wasnt the end of life.really liked his slow attitude nd the way we just got along.If it wasnt for johnny who woulda bin ther to nag u nd laff at u for ur misfortunes for failin your course. Really learnt a lot from him nd d friendly words he gave me,was always wantin to know how i was fairing nd was always quick to remind me i was a bloody repeater.If it wasnt for biola giwa who would i av looked up to for intelligence nd composure(i even tagged her miss composure.Really learnt a lot from nosa.......clubbin without brains was just stupid.if it wasnt for nosa who gave lenghty talks nd advises nd how dissapointed he was at me......always tellin me to read.if it wasnt for tayo who helped me out in virtually everything....nd made me realise the worth of friendship.If it wasnt for dee who was like a mom nd was always worried about how i coped.......if it wasnt for jessy who was always doin routine check on how life was in dip.if it wasnt for teezy nd Yumybee.if it wasnt for scala who was a pain in the neck.If it wasnt bee who showed her love nd care........................
The list goes on...............cant just remeber some ppl now.If it wasnt for all this guys(people i call friends),really dont know how i woulda survived.JUst thanking ya'll i mentioned................I really appreciate you guys.LOL
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