Saturday, August 1, 2009

hey,shut your trap....................BEAUTY dies

I just woke up this morning feelin its a necessity to do somtin productive......then i start doin the kidy tiny thoughts thingy(i mean am putin a finger at the side of my head ).Remembering ppl who just feel they too preety brings this little piece to my mind.....just the other day my silly friend said she could neva get ugly(i dunno how true that is).Not throwing shots at anyone....

One does not own beauty.
In their dreams,
They feel they can obtain it,

All alone, in a dark night,

All their thoughts.....lifeless

Cursed by change,
Hidden by lies,
Running from the truth,
Beauty now dies.

They don't understand,
They don't really care,
Beauty now burns,
Smoke's in the air,
Years go by,
And age sets in,
Beauty's worn out,
Life is giving in.

Death creeps up,
Beauty now cries,
Your all alone,
In your beautiful lies!'s from God.ya'll should pray today.dats wat am doin right now.