Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wait a sec........SHE'S JUST A SEC

Its bin like forever buh its so good to be bac.Av bin on many p's and am just tryna get maself sorted.So am done wit all my little problems. Switchin to a nu school is as hard as switchin houses.so i officially switched lanes na (reasons....... MY BUSINESS).
So i did wit the help of one stupid organization nd trust me i had lots of problem wit them.Everytin av ever done in this world gets done by ppll around me me(ma mum nd big brother mostly)...i really hate goin to office desk,just to ask some stupid questions they feel u should know. Buh this time av bin on my own.Av had to face my problems myself.....non more mamas child,sillybaby's all grown up.so am ther first time...nd i ask this secretary the obvious.nd shes like DO WE DO ANYOTHER THING HERE.so am sayin in my mind BITCH,pls dont be like other secretaries.so am on nd on wit my q's.Nd she gives me dis long list of things to bring(dis means i av to visit several other places nd face other secretaries).anyways thank God i had most of the things she asked me to bring,except one.So am up early the next mornin nd prayin i dont meet another irritant,so am wher i need to get what the first secretary asked me to ........thank God shes all smily buh i couldnt be too sure.so i tell her what i need to get.nd she gives me this long form.am takin my time fillin the form nd she tells me my wristwatch matches my personality....so i ask her what that meant buh she couldnt come up wit a sensible answer.i av this fake smile on my face nd gave her the form.she reads it nd gave me wat i wanted.
So am on my way bac to the other sec.i gave her all what she asked nd she was still actin up.She tells me am fakin my age that am way younger.truly my speculations were right.... SHES A BITCH.am really tryna keep my cool buh shes just a mess.So we up on each others throat nd trust me shes really actin weird(maybe i had offended her before or shes just hatin for no reason).so am really pissed nd am off...now i need to bring my cert. to proove am 17 on18.so i rush home nd back(the person drivin me is getin pissed at me too).i face my fears again nd now she tells me they are closed that i need to come the next day........hate,curse,punch,slap,kick,hit(all this were runnin through my mind).y on earth would i do any of those.
hisSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssss i never went bac,sombody did the rest of the thing i needed to do for me.i pray i neva see her again.som ppl ar just too weird to be true.....

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