Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sequel to...................................REQUEST

Have bin wondering y they just open their mouths nd say all this things.i neva get answers.....proly because the stuffs are just dumb and they wanna let out or they were never meant to be.BUH am sorry its just not right or rather its way out off line.i dont do girls,doesnt necessarily mean i dunno like any girl ...obviously i do.maybe cos i only like one girl in the world and she broke me into pieces buh i still like her nd no other girl.buh for fear of her doin same thing over again.i keep the secret to myself and tell evryone i dont do girls.
Dont u think u should date me cos your mom likes me nd am a potential wifey(i swear this girls a fool,i neva think of marriage(maybe 2017) nd i dont date ppll.i only dated once nd i dont think its cool for me...reason's that am too emotional nd i demand for too much.nd i neva forget a dates error,so am proly gonna bore u out reminding u off all the evil uv done.ok i dont talk to the girl dat said this anymore (no malice..am too cool for that).buh shes just plain stupid.
Lets play a love game.....guess i asked for it buh what rubbish.shes like 4 years older nd am in her world(in her mind).shes a nympho buh too bad my philosophy's against sexing am a sexist.... lmao .y would u wanna give yourself cheap .kkk she didnt say get me high.buh she implied it.i swear this girls really cool buh shes livin the life of a Looser.or maybe she didnt want to come out cheap so she had a price tag(a shoe).sigh......googoogaga.
dis not bout you.....am not sure,i think so.am just a child in a bigger way.peace...........

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